Mixed SQUASH available now!

A real sign the Autumn has arrived 🍂🍁🍂

Mixed squash now available in our farm shop....just 80p lb (£1.76 kg)!!

Can be used in a host of recipes....delicious hearty soups, roasted and added to salads, pasta and curries....or try a sweeter dish and make cakes and muffins!!

Call in today, we are open until 5pm 🎃


New Lines from Quince Honey Farm...

NEW LINES from QUINCE HONEY FARM just arrived.....

‘All honey is pure and natural from their local hives in Devon!’

Devon Clear 340g….£4.49
Devon Set 340g….£4.49
Exmoor Heather 340g….£6.29
Cut Comb 170g….£6.49
Passion Fruit Curd with Honey 310g….£5.89
Devon Honey Marmalade 340g….£4.49
Blossom Gift Packs 3x45g….£4.29*

Our farm shop is open until 5pm, everyday!

(*prices correct at the time of publishing).



It's that time of year again!!

If your thinking of pickling your own onions/shallots....now's the time!!

PICKLING ONIONS.....loose 80plb (£1.76kg), 5kg net £6.50

ROUND and/or BANANA SHALLOTS....loose £1.20lb (£2.64kg), 4kg net £7.00

5L Malt/Spiced Malt Vinegar....£3.00 each

5L Distilled Vinegar.....£3.50 each*

Visit our farm shop.....we are open 5pm, 7 days a week 😊

(*all prices correct at the time of publishing)


Delicious NEW LINES from Rodda's!!

Delicious new lines from 'Rodda's' available now in our farm shop.....

Classic Cornish clotted cream shortbread £3.99* and fudge £4.29* (presented in a lovely miniature milk churn tin....perfect present for someone!)

Cornish butter.....just £2.89*

Clotted cream.....just £1.79*

Creme Fraiche.....just £1.59*

'Curds and Croust' little cheeses......Cornish Brie £3.49*, Camembert £3.59* and Truffle Brie £3.79*.

We are open until 5pm everyday....we look forward to seeing you soon 😊

(*Price correct at the time of publishing)